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Mid-Range IP Phone – C401

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OpenVox C200 IP Phone is an entry-level desktop IP phone,OpenVox C401 IP Phone is a high-end enteprise desktop IP phone with 2.8 inch LCD screen. This two IP Phones are well-designed and have a cost-effective price. C200 and C401 can be mounted on desk or on the wall. Basic call features like Call Hold, Call Park, Call Transfer, etc., and advanced features like Voicemail, Call Logs, Phonebook, Busy Lamp Field, Do Not Disturb, etc., for users to communicate in a simple and flexible way. C200 and C401 have other features as below, HD Voice microphone/speaker, PoE, QoS, safety transmission, auto-provisioning and so on.

Product Specification

SIP Line :  4 lines
Installation :  Desktop/Wall-mount
Screen : 8-inch LCD color-screen
Key Pad : 39 keys, including; 12 Standard Phone Digits keys; 4 Soft-keys;4 Navigation keys + 1 OK key; 1 Hands-free key; 2 Volume Control keys, Up/Down; 6 Function keys; 8 DSS key with tri-color LED;
Protocols : SIP 2.0 over UDP/TCP/TLS, RTP/RTCP/SRTP, STUN, DHCP, PPPoE, 802.1x, L2TP (Basic Unencrypted),
Codec : 711a/u, G.723.1, G.722, G726-32, G.729AB
Network Interface : 1* 10/100/1000M (802.3af Class 2 POE) PC*1 (Bridge to Ethernet)
IP Service : Static IP, DHCP, VPN, PPPoE, Brigde
DTMF :  In-band, Out-of-band- DTMF (RFC2833) / SIP INFO
Power Supply : PoE / Power adapter
Power Input : 5V / 1A
Power Comsumption :  Idle:1.7W , Peak:5.7W
Operation Environment : Temperature: 0~40℃;Humidity: 10~65%
HD Hands-free Speaker : 1 ( 0~7KHz)
HD Hands-free Microphone :  1 ( 0~7KHz)
HD Handset RJ9 : 1 (with Standard RJ9 handset wire)
5M CAT5 cable :  1
Phonebook  :  500 entries
Call Log : 600 entrie
Cloud Phonebook : XML/LDAP
Packing Dimensions : 260x255x62mm (L x W x H)